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To WEEE or not to WEEE

That is the question!

What does WEEE and EEE mean?

Simply put this means "Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment" & "Electrical and Electronic Equipment"

What is the WEEE Directive?

The WEEE Directive is European environmental legislation aimed at preventing said electrical & related material from going to landfill.

Navigating through the pages of legislation governing redundant electrical equipment can sometimes be a bit disconcerting so we've attempted to simplify the process.

If you have electrical waste (or not sure)

As from March 2012 we became an officially registered WEEE recycler and we are now able to accept all forms of electrical equipment, even those items categorised as waste.

After a successful consultation and an inspection of our operation by the environment agency, we are now the proud owners of a T11 waste exemption certificate and our site reference number is: NCC/060411/2015

You can view our certificate HERE

Our details are also registered on the waste directory HERE

In most cases (and especially if you're in Sheffield or close by) we will collect for FREE.   We can also issue duty of care paperwork and provide a full audit trail including an asset register and a record of data destruction when requested.

If you have redundant electrical items (or not sure)

It is important to note that the majority of items donated to us are NOT classified as waste.  Just because an item of electrical equipment is “unwanted” by the previous owner it does not mean that its life or usefulness cannot be extended.

We accept all working or economically repairable electrical & IT donations with the full intention of preventing them from going to landfill by reusing them or by finding them new homes.

These items are NOT classified as waste and these items can be freely donated to our charity by businesses and individuals alike.

You can read more about donating your computer or electrical items to our charity HERE