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Aspire Sheffield manage a set of eBay shops which we use as an outlet for some of our donated goods and other product lines.  Collectively we refer to this as our Pc-Selling network.

Using eBay & the PayPal Giving Fund there are two different ways we can raise money for our charity and at the same time provide workplace experiences at every level of the selling cycle.

The first is to Direct Sell.  These are eBay accounts managed and owned solely by Aspire and we receive 100% of the revenue raised from the sale.

The second is to Community Sell.  This can be then broken down into two further categories.

Partners are eBay shops managed by Aspire but owned by a socially focused commercial company who then donate a share of the final sales revenue to Aspire.  Management includes the complete sale process, administration and the packing, postage or shipping.

Community Sellers are private eBay sellers who can then select an option to support Aspire through eBay and PayPal Giving to gift us a percentage of the sale.

If you would like to become a Partner or a Community Seller – get in touch and we’ll explore some options.

READY TO SHOP? Why not have a look now and see if you can bag yourself a bargain!

Each purchase you make will help make a difference to somebody's life!

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